Responsible and high-quality air management:

Individual solutions for each project and client.


We are a private limited company "Kondena". Having started with air conditioning innovations more than 20 years ago, today we take on the most daring challenges in all segments of AIR control - from heating, cooling, cleaning, humidification, dehumidification to process automation, structural renovation, renewable energy solutions.

  • 22 years in HVAC field
  • 16 officially represented leading brands
  • The only ADS supplier in Lithuania


For 20 years we sincerely believe in the importance of AIR quality in every area of ​​life, so we take every project with deep dedication - we are always looking for the most energy efficient and innovative solutions, constantly improve our qualifications, interest in innovation, participate in annual HVAC industry innovation exhibitions in Milan and Frankfurt.

We are lucky - we have curbed many engineering challenges from many different customers! We are trusted by real estate project developers, industry, logistics companies, budget, catering, public institutions, large business centers.


We evaluate each order in several sections: what engineering solution would be the most energy efficient for the specifics of a particular company, what is the need for business process automation, what solution scenarios are suitable for the available investment budget, how to maintain the optimal price-quality ratio, taking into account real operating costs.

As professionals in our field, we are principled - hearing the Customer's needs, if we see different possibilities of ordering solutions, we always offer solutions that ensure long-term service, the highest quality and the best guarantee of reliability. Customers appreciate it.


We are proud to be a team of engineers who know our field and have a wide range of work experience, always striving to exceed technological expectations and justify our name to the highest standards of customer support. Having mastered practically all HVAC verse instruments, we strive to be a reliable and irreplaceable partner for Clients who want bold, non-standard, innovative solutions.

We have also been evaluated by external experts - the TOP COMPANIES and GAZELĖ awards earned in 2020 for profitable transparent, long-term, promising, economically strong value and activities creating sustainable cooperation enable us to constantly maintain the highest level and reasonably justify such recognition.